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Airless Spraying

This is more commonly used for the painting of ceilings, walls ,new builds & factory units. We have both systems available the use of these can ...

Hvlp Spraying

High volume low pressure is more like car spraying this is ideal for furniture & kitchens

Kitchen & Furniture Painting

Kitchens & furniture can be painted; there are different finishes matt, satin, semi-gloss & gloss. A lot of the success to doing these projects is down ...

Paint Systems

In the past woodwork (trim) was once painted using oil based paints. As times & legislations have changed so have the paints available. Oil based paints ...

Dustless Sanding & Preparation

We have invested in orbital sanding system that makes the preparation of the surfaces 95% dust free sanding The Mirka sanders allow the preparation to be ...
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